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Smokers That Want To Cleanse

This is all you do. Nail the Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Burger King for like five days entering all that sludge. Then you buy from Harris Teeter with your sort-of vertical bulging stomach pinned diaphragm you buy 12 Grape flavor S.Pellegrino “Sparkling” Drinks that excites your stomach into a raging mess of Northern Puke. Once your soul that is connected to God realizes that the waste is flowing North, the brain and God will then trigger the Lungs solution into the works of the main stomach being cleansed. He will only trigger this if you are keeping your hick-ups and deep breathing on.

So the big day comes and you are doing some chores around the house where sound is yours. If you are in a neighborhood with houses around and they hear you puking at total 10 volume and top strength, that is ok. You then proceed to the bathroom and a three day like Jesus on The Cross total vomiting cleanse only drinking water and taking sleeping pills to turn the hick-ups off.

Now you lay on the deck under the sun for hours breathing deeply knowing the benefits of showers and baths again with epsom salts. You will not get a head ache since you are changing the food to water cooling and reducing the bloods pressure. Lying on your stomach, try to never swallow as much as possible cream white goodness simply spitting the mini’s into a bowl that you clean.

Day four begin giant-sized Chicken Soup liquid diet relaxing all those pulled and strained muscles. Since you did this from a couch with the back cousins off and sleeping and understanding the benefits to sleeping on your back again. Now You Are Back & Moving Forward Again.

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