Bar And Restaurant Advertising Platform

ADS Advertising

You will gain valuable exposure for your bar, restaurant, winery or club. We are committed to growing your business with well-planned advertising campaigns by drawing the public’s attention toward your business through bold announcements, creative sales copy, and animated graphic elements.

American Drink Specials Advertising Design


Need an advertisement created by our team of graphic designers? Great! we can design a number of easy-to-read ads that are perfect for any type business. The ad is yours to keep of course and can range from Golf Course Ads to Shopping Malls on American.

American Drink Specials Home Page Advertisement

Home Page

Become the company to brand our home page to gain valuable exposure to eager bar patrons surfing the web for savings on their night-out on the town in the community. Of course we know we must have the proper visits per month for this promotion to be purchased.

American Drink Specials Music Advertisement


By far the most exclusive vip in terms of advertising within the Music Supernova on our site because it is Custom Background Animation. Effectively advertise your bar, club, restaurant, event, or winery on the popular tourist destinations around the world with your bar as the center.

American Drink Specials State Page Advertising

City Page

The city page ad size is (1090w x 350h pixels), and is a very heavily visited page on our site. We spend lots of time optimizing and adding content and value around your advertisement. This page is considered the main intersection or exit ramp into the bar scene in your local area.

American Drink Specials Blog Advertising


The animated sidebar is a site wide advertising block and your ad will be one of 5 with around 25 in total circulating making the city pages not as much local, but humorous and tropical fun. Built with the new Soliloquy slider your ad will most certainly make an unbelievable impact.